CATHY BECK - Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar, Synth


From a very young age, Cathy Beck loved to sing and perform, landing lead roles and singing extensively in her church choir. Growing into her teens, she played piano, then quickly picked up the bass guitar. Coupling her new skill with a passion for singing, the sky was the limit!

Cathy has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with top regional performing bands and fantastic musicians in the NJ/NY/CT club circuit, being booked and managed by some of the most notable agencies in the Northeast. Up and down the East Coast, Cathy has taken her musical abilities – playing bass guitar and singing lead vocals to places where, honestly, not many women have taken it before.

Covering great artists from yesterday to today, in clubs, casinos, theaters, weddings, corporate and special events, Cathy delivers a performance like no other! Her unique ability to connect with the audience is a unique attribute - after all, music is an escape and it’s her mission to bring the audience on the journey with her.

Cathy is endorsed by Hartke Bass Amplification Systems.

GINA RUBERTONE - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals


From the early age of 11, Gina was drawn to playing the guitar. Her first Beatles and Janis Joplin records lit the spark. As her record collection grew, so did her desire and ability to learn songs and guitar riffs. When you hear Gina play, you'll hear those early influences from guitar greats like Jimmy Page, Steve Howe, Duane Allman and Dickie Betts and today's guitar heroes like Slash. She also draws on the influences as disparate as Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Nancy Wilson.

Growing up, Gina listened to classic rock artists such as Heart, Pat Benatar, Led Zeppelin, The Who and Jethro Tull, all of whom color her sound with nuances and flavors of the genre.

Gina went on to study at the Westchester Conservatory of Music, expanding her skills and repertoire with a variety of styles and techniques. She has also taught hundreds of students throughout her career, inspiring young minds to follow their musical passion. 

Gina has played in many bands over the years covering a wide range of the East Coast club and corporate circuit, continuing to dazzle audiences!

RHONDA GRINDELL - Drums, Backing Vocals


Born & bred in the Brooklyn, NY, Rhonda Grindell began playing drums at the age of 8. Some early- musical inspiration came in the form of Motown and groups like The Temptations and The Four Tops, as well as Sly and The Family Stone; Rhonda cites Sly's original-drummer, Gregg Errico as an early-influence... On the pop music-side, she was deeply taken with the vocal, as well-as percussive performing-efforts of Karen Carpenter.

Rhonda has been a driving-force in the many bands she has performed with. Often-described by band-mates as an "in the pocket" percussive-force,


Rhonda's musical-resume includes 'residencies' in a variety of musical-situations over the years. Rhonda has played with acts that have opened for The Eurythmics , Mary Wilson and The Coasters, to name a few! She also lent her drumming-talents to the off-Broadway-musical, "Nunsense".


As the 'heartbeat' of several all-female touring-bands, such as 'La Femme', 'Roxanne' and 'Precious', Rhonda has traveled the country, 'wowing'-audiences not only in the tri-state area, but nationwide!

Some more-recent projects have included 'City Sounds Music', 'Diamonds in Jupiter' and R&B band, 'Soul Groove'.


In addition to her 'lock-in-groove'-drumming, Rhonda's soulful-vocals and harmonies add dimension to every group she performs in.